Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

We at Manav institutes Jevra is committed to overall development of young future of the nation and, make them self reliant hence uplifting their living standard. 

The organization runs technologically advanced courses (M.Tech., B.Tech, B. Pharma, B.Ed, D.Ed, School) to enrich competence, compassion, commitment in them which gives synergy to their potential under the guidance & support provided by established and successful Faculty who are enriched in domain knowledge & experience. 


  1. To develop a benchmark college in emerging technologies & professions.
  2. To contribute significantly in technology, management, pharmaceutical science & education for the focused application of different types of labs, computers and electronics etc. in integrated manner, conducive to the human well being and national welfare. Evolving new ideas to enable students to learn new technologies, acquire appropriate skills and deliver meaningful services to society by inculcating them with strength of character, self leadership and self attainment.
  3. To provide a competitive edge in one of the fastest growing professions in Health Care Industry. Pharmacy students will be exposed to practical training in community and /or hospital pharmacies and clinics interacting with other health care professionals, patients medication counseling and case presentations, pharmaceutical industry sites, research laboratories, regular agencies and public health policy.
  4. To provide state of the Art Teaching Learning Process and R&D environment.
  5. To harness human capital for sustainable competitive edge and social relevance.
  6. Institute lays special emphasis on developing a student on a solid foundation of knowledge, confidence building, and pursuit of excellence, improving self confidence, self-discipline and enhancement of creativity through motivation.

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